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Real Fresh
Unique and Delicious Tastes
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The Baltimore Sun
It’s one of those rarely seen phenomena
Real Food
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Real Fast
Cypriana is Gourmet without the wait!
Voted by The City Paper
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Tasty food at reasonable prices
Baltimore Magazine Fresh
Real Good
Cypriana Cafe. The Sun Trust Building 120 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 | 410-837-PITA(7482) fax 410-752-5999
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At Cypriana we use only the freshest ingredients. We never use MSG or preservatives! We prepare only best for our customers. We custom make every order to your liking…in record time! Whether you are on the Adkins Diet, Weight Watchers, or simply love delicious food that is good for you…our staff will prepare your meal to meet your needs, and satisfy your hunger. When you just don’t have time for fast food!